Speaker Experience – Conferencing

Accessing Conferencing

Conferencing Speakers can connect directly to the conference using the presenter/moderator button within IR Webcasting or clicking the link in the shared access email. Speakers can choose one of the following options to join the Conference.

Device Audio

Access the conference call without a telephone. Instead, use your device microphone or speaker to access the conference. Select the Audio Settings button to confirm/update the mic & speaker selection using the dropdown menus.


Select Join Event to access the conference Speaker interface.  


Access the conference using the dial-in option and input the personal PIN on your telephone keypad.



Select Join Event to access the conference Speaker interface.  

Call Me

Input the phone number and click the Call Me button. The system will instantly call your phone and connect you to the call.


Select Join Event to access the conference Speaker interface.  


Speaker Console

The Speaker console allows approved users a behind the scenes view of the conference. The Speaker role can mute/unmute their audio line to speak freely, view the participants list, and chat with the conference Host & other Speakers.

The conference Host is responsible for starting and stopping the event, initiating conference Stream to broadcast audio for all users, and supporting Speakers during the Q&A session. 


When the conference is not live, the You are currently in the Pre-Call Lobby Only. Only the host and speakers can hear you message will display in the center of the console.




When the conference is live, the You are currently Live. All Parties can now hear you message will display in the in the center of the console.




The Conference tab includes a summary of the conference details and if provided in advance, the Opening Script.




The Participants tab lists all connected Speakers & Viewers. The Speakers section will sort all logged in users alphabetically. The Participant role is attributed to users that registered and joined the conference using the conference call registration link.


Select the User Info User_Info_icon.png icon to view more information about the participant.



When a Participant inputs the phone command to ask a question, they will appear in the Q&A Queue section.



When a Participant has raised their hand, Hosts & Speakers can accept the request by clicking on the Up Arrow Up_arrow_button.png button & selecting the Bring Participant to Stage button.




This action will bring the Participant to the Stage with an open audio line. Once a Participant is brought to Stage, the Speakers & Hosts can mute/unmute their connection. Additionally, Hosts can remove the Participant from the stage.




Bring the User to Stage

Hosts & Speakers can bring any participant to the stage, including participants who have not raised their hand by selecting the Up Arrow Up_arrow_button.png button in the participants list.


This feature is designed to aid in situations where a participant struggles to enter the question queue but indicated their desire to ask a question otherwise (e.g., by texting the IR team) or when a participant has been removed by accident or via a line drop and needs to come back to the stage as soon as possible.


  • Bringing a participant to the stage without warning can have undesired consequences (e.g., the participant might have an open microphone).
  • This feature should only get used if it is clear and obvious that the participant is willing to be on the stage despite not raising their hand.
  • The button has a confirmation dialog to avoid hosts or speakers triggering the transfer by accident.


Q&A Priority

The Q&A Priority dropdown menu allows Speakers & Hosts to assign tags to the participants list to support question queue management. This tagging feature is designed to reduce the amount of information Speakers and Hosts must exchange via chat if they have a deny list for participants or VIPs they would like to highlight.


One preset label can be assigned to each participant:

  • Standard - Selected by default. This field does not indicate a priority.
  • No QA - Do not take questions from this participant. When selected, the Bring Participant Stage button is disabled.
  • Priority 1 to Priority 5 – These priorities can be used by the Speakers to further determine the participant question queue.




The Chat tab is always available on the right-hand side of the console for Speakers & Hosts to communicate behind the scenes. Messages will appear in the order they are inputted into the Chat panel. If you have scrolled to the top of the chat panel, you will be alerted if a new message was submitted.




To leave the conference, select the Leave Conference Leave_conference.png button at the bottom of the Speaker console. When prompted, select Leave Conference to confirm you wish to exit the conference. 



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