Participant Experience – Conferencing

Registering for a Conference

Participants can avoid lengthy hold times by using Conferencing’s customized, automated registration. There are no meet-and-greet queues or lengthy wait times to access the meeting.

Participants can register for a conference call using the browser-based online registration form.


After clicking the Register button, a landing page including the dial number, PIN, and global dial numbers will populate.


Participants can save the dial-in numbers and PIN for when they ready to join the call. All registered users will also receive a confirmation email including the dial and PIN for later reference.


Connecting Audio

Participants can choose one of the following options to join the Conference Call:


Access the conference using the Dial-in option and input the personal PIN on your telephone keypad.




Call Me

Input the phone number and click the Call Me button. The system will instantly call your phone and connect you to the call.



Participants will be joined in a listen only mode on music hold until the call begins. 

To ask a question, participants can press Star One One (*11) on their telephone keypad and an automated alert that they have raised their hand will be announced. If they are selected to ask their question, the conference host will announce their line is unmuted and prompt the participant to ask their question. 

To withdraw a question, participants can press Star One One (*11) on their telephone keypad to be removed from the question queue & lower their raised hand. 

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