Staffing: Top 10/Bottom 10 Assigned Staffer Hours Tableau Report

The Top 10/Bottom 10 Assigned Staffer Hours Report available within the Staffing & Admin portals lists the total hours assigned to Staffers with the most hours (highest 10) and least number of hours (lowest 10 hours) during the selected day(s).


The report is available to Event Admins and contains all data.



The version of the report available to Staffing users contains only those workgroups that are owned by the Staffing Lead viewing the report.





This column displays the first and last name of all Staffers assigned to Event Cloud shifts.

Hours Assigned


This column displays the shift hours assigned to a Staffer. This column can be sorted by ascending or descending order. 



Filtering & Exporting

Data can be filtered using the options on the right-side of the reports page.

  • Select one or more individual days or select ALL to select all days.
  • Select a work group to view Staffers assigned shifts in a specific work group. Or select All to view Staffers assigned to shifts across all work groups.
  • Select Top 10 to view the Staffers assigned the greatest number of shift hours.
  • Select Bottom 10 to view the Staffers assigned the fewest number of shift hours.


To export data, select the Download button that appears on the top right corner. Confirm the report type you wish to export and click the Download button.



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