Attendee Engagement: Chat Transcripts Power BI Report

The Chat Transcripts Report displays user chat transcripts for each session and/or sponsor page.


The report will display the following user data:



This column populates the Sponsor or Session name associated with the chat.


Room Type


This column populates the chat source (Sponsor or Session).


Message Text


This column populates the full text of each chat submitted to the room (per Sponsor/Session).


Message Time Stamp


This column populates the date and time a chat message was submitted (per Sponsor/Session).


Total Posts


This column populates a total count of the posts submitted (per Sponsor/Session).


Unique Users

This column populates a total count of the users submitting messages (per Sponsor/Session).



Filtering & Exporting

Details can be filtered by Room and Room Type using the options from the right-hand drop-down menus and checkboxes available. Filtered options can be cleared by hovering over the drop-down menu and clicking on the eraser icon that appears next to the menu title.  

Please note the following:

  • If posts were deleted or moderated, they may still appear within the report, depending on when the chat was synced with the database.
  • If a user was deleted in Event Cloud, they will appear in the chat transcript. Furthermore, if a user’s name was changed in Event Cloud at any time during the event, that user may appear as NULL in the report. In other words, information may be "Null" because some chat usernames no longer match what is in Event Cloud).
  • If two Event Cloud users have same first/last name they will show up as a single user in this report, as chat only captures first and last names.
  • Please note, Session and Sponsor Booth chats (covered in this report) are separate from Attendee to Attendee (A2A) chats.

To export data, hover over the report table and click on the 3 dots icon that appears on the top left corner. Select Export Data, then confirm the report layout you wish to export and click the Export button.

To view reports, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled. 





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