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Logging in is the first step to enjoying engaging content within Event Cloud. On the occasion a user cannot locate their invitation, the Unaccepted Invites Report provides a list of users invite tokens that have been sent, but not accepted or logged in to Event Cloud.

Users who have accepted invites, and users who have not been sent invites will not appear on this report.

To view reports, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled. 



The report will load and display a list of all users who have been sent invites, but their status is currently Unaccepted.



The report will display the following user data:

User ID

The User ID is a unique set of characters for each User.

First Name

The First Name of the Event Cloud site user. This field can be updated in Profile Settings.

Last Name

The Last Name of the Event Cloud site user. This field can be updated in Profile Settings.


The Email Address of the Event Cloud site user. This field can be updated in Profile Settings.


The Standard Event Cloud Roles assigned to each user will appear in this column. The Standard roles can be updated by Event Admin users in the Users section of the Event Cloud Site.

Invite URL

A unique URL associated to each user on an Event Cloud site. The invite URL must be accepted by the user to access the Event Cloud site. By selecting their unique invite URL, the user will be prompted to create a password to access the Event Cloud site.

Date Created/Created Date

The date the user profile was created in the Event Cloud site. In some reports, this column will display Date Created or Created Date.


Utilizing This Report

To copy the invite token directly from the preview of the report, right click on the cell and select Copy, and select Copy Value.



To export the data, click the three-dots icon on the right of the report, then select Export Data.



Select the layout for the data you wish to download, then click Export.



If you have downloaded the report, you can search for a specific user by name or e-mail address. 



Locate the user you are searching for, copy the full invite URL in Column G, and provide it to the user. This will allow them to accept their invite, set up a password, and log in to Event Cloud.

Please note, that if a user has been sent multiple invites, each invite will appear under that user on the report. Always be sure to send the most recent invite, which is denoted in Column F - Date Created. Only the most recent invite sent to a user will be valid.



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