Session Management: Session Change Details Power BI Report

The Session Change Details Report will display a log of changes made to each session. This report allows you to see in detail who made a change, what change was made, when the change was made, and the old value of the change.

The information in this report includes the following data fields:

Field Name

This column populates the area of the Session where a change occurred.


For example, if the Session Title was updated, Title will appear in this column.


In some instances, this field will be blank. For example, toggling the Session status from Pending to Accepted.


Old Value

The original value associated to the changed field.


New Value

The updated value associated to the changed field.


Operation Type

Insert will display when configuring Session Status related settings. For example, toggling the Session status from Pending to Accepted.


Update will display when a previously blank field is populated with information, or an unchecked tick box is toggled on/off.


Modified By

The Event Cloud Admin user that completed a Session update.


Operation Time Stamp

This column displays the date/time the Session modification occurred.



Filtering & Exporting

Sessions can be filtered using the options from the right-hand drop-down menus available. Filtered options can be cleared by hovering over the drop-down menu and clicking on the eraser icon that appears next to the menu title.  


To export data, hover over the report table and click on the 3 dots icon that appears on the top left corner. Select Export Data, then confirm the report layout you wish to export and click the Export button.



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