Session Management: Resources Power BI Report

The Session Management Resources Report shows which sessions have resources (such as PPT or videos) attached to them and the status of the resources (such as pending or accepted). Please note, this report will only display sessions in Event Cloud that have resources attached to them.

Filtering & Exporting

The report shows who uploaded a resource, when it was modified, the status of a resource, and what session it is attached to. Resource data can be filtered by Track, Session Type, Session Status, Resource Status, and Resource Type. Filtered options can be cleared by hovering over the drop-down menu and clicking on the eraser icon that appears next to the menu title.

To export data, hover over the report table and click on the 3 dots icon that appears on the top left corner. Select Export Data, then confirm the report layout you wish to export and click the Export button.


Please see the table below for descriptions of each data column.

Session ID

A unique identifier for each Session, accessible on the Session Details tab for each Session.


Session Title

The Session Title populates from the Session Details page. In some instances, the reports column will display Title, Session Title, or Session.


Session Status

This column populates the Session Approved, Pending, or Declined status.

Resource Title

This column displays the name of the uploaded resource.

Uploaded By

This column displays the user that uploaded the resource.

Last Modified

The last time the resource was edited or re-uploaded.

Resource Comment

If the user provided a comment during upload, the comment would display in this column.

Resource Type

The type of resource uploaded, typically this column will display the default type Resource.

Resource Status

The status of the uploaded resource, can list Pending, Approved, Published, or Rejected.




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