Session Management: Event Session Details Power BI Report

The Event Session Details Report displays a detailed breakdown of every session in your Event Cloud site compiled in one place, including key information found in the session details page for each session.

The information in this report includes the following data fields, as well as all applicable options that have been configured for each session.

Session ID

A unique identifier for each Session, accessible on the Session Details tab for each Session.


Session Title

The Session Title populates from the Session Details page. In some instances, the reports column will display Title, Session Title, or Session.


Session Type

Session Types can be general names such as “Breakout” for sessions and “Breaks” for meals, or they can be more detailed names like “Panel Discussion” or “Roundtable.” The Session Type populates from the Session Details page.


Session Status

This column populates the Session Approved, Pending, or Declined status.


This column populates the Description field, configured on the Session Details page for each Session. 


Tracks are used to organize sessions by topic or category. The Tracks field populates from the Session Details page.



Filtering & Exporting 

Sessions can be filtered using the options from the right-hand drop-down menus available. Filtered options can be cleared by hovering over the drop-down menu and clicking on the eraser icon that appears next to the menu title. 

To export data, hover over the report table and click on the 3 dots icon that appears on the top left corner. Select Export Data, then confirm the report layout you wish to export and click the Export button.

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