Power BI Reports Overview

Welcome to Reports in Event Cloud! Reports are a powerful tool for understanding more about all aspects of your event, by gathering the data that helps you to see both the big picture and small details.

Follow these links for more information about accessing Event Cloud reports and available data.


Accessing Event Cloud Admin Reports

Who can access Event Cloud reports? Your Event Cloud role determines the reports available to you! For example, if you are an Event Cloud Admin, you have access to reports related to all aspects of the event. If you are a Sponsor, you only have access to the reports about your own Sponsor Booth. Speakers only see reports that pertain to their Sessions.

To access reports, log into the Event Cloud site as an Admin user. All sites have the Reports option available that includes data related to Admin topics, Attendee Engagement, Sessions, and more. To dive into data, select the Reports from the left navigation menu to launch the Reports page.

Select Admin or Attendee Engagement to expand the reports menus. 

Please note, to view reports please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross site cookie tracking enabled.



Power BI Report UI

The following features are consistent across all reports. No matter which reports you are looking at, these concepts will remain the same.

  • Header Title: Displays the report title.
  • Table or Graph: Data displayed in a table of graph format.
  • Filters: Options to filter the data within the report. Filter-types will vary across different report types.

In the upper right area of reports, control buttons allow Admins to customize their view:


Focus Mode expands the report to fit the screen. If a report only has one table or graph, the Focus Mode option will not appear.


More options (3 dots) further defines the displayed data:

  • Export Data: Allows a user to select the data and file format type to export.
  • Show as a table: Will show data as a table if not already in a table format.
  • Spotlight: Will fade all other data outside of the spotlighted graph.
  • Get insights: This option will not populate any data.
  • Sort descending/ascending: Will sort the data to appear in descending or ascending order.
  • Sort by: Allows a user to sort the data by selectable columns.


Available Event Cloud Reports

As an Event Cloud Admin, you’ll be interested in a “birds-eye” view of everything going on at your event, from the number of attendees at different sessions to the amount of traffic the different sponsors are getting throughout your event. Below is a summary of available Event Cloud reports.

Want to learn more about individual Event Cloud reports noted below? Click HERE.

Admin Reports


  • Email merge fields: Displays all available fields that can be merged into your custom emails.
  • Event Editor Image Sizing: Lists all the images in each Event Editor theme along with the suggested size for each (can be filtered by theme, page, and component). This can be a handy resource to share with your image designer.
  • Meeting Email Merge Fields: Displays all available fields that can be merged into your meeting emails.
  • Session Q&A: Displays all submitted questions & responses per session and event-wide.
  • Time Users Logged In: Lists all users, showing how long each user was logged in to the event.
  • Unaccepted Invites: Lists all users who have not accepted the invitation into the event and their invite URLs.
  • User Details: Returns all users and their profile fields.
  • User Device Details: Returns operating systems, browsers, countries, and cities of your users.

Attendee Engagement Reports

  • Attendee Gamification: Displays a list of all players and their rank and point totals.
  • Chat Transcripts: Displays chat transcripts for each session and/or sponsor.
  • Daily Logins: Displays a count of user logins by day and details for each user.
  • Overall Event Evaluations: Displays all submitted event evaluations and their details and averages.
  • Session Evaluation Details: List all evaluations filtered by session type and displays the evaluation responses.
  • Session Evaluation Summary: Lists all sessions and their evaluation averages.
  • Session Q&A: Displays all submitted questions & responses per session and event-wide.
  • Session Videos Watched During Live Stream: Lists all sessions where videos were watched during the live stream.
  • Session Videos Watched On Demand: Lists all sessions where videos were watched that were not live-streamed.
  • Sessions Added to Schedule: Shows which attendees added which sessions to their schedules and lists all sessions with their attendee count.
  • Virtual Event Overview: Lists all virtual attendee views of Community and Sponsor pages, overall page views, and more.
  • Virtual Session Attendance Details: Lists attendee details for those who visited the session details and provides information about video views.
  • Virtual Session Engagement Overview: Lists all session page views, scheduled session attendance numbers, and more. 

Grading Reports

  • Detailed Grading: Lists all standard session details and each grader's scores.
  • Grader Stats: Shows all grader session assignments and completions, followed by more details in a chart.
  • Grading Summary: Lists grade averages for each session.

Meetings Reports

  • Meeting Counts: Displays a chart of the number of meetings by day, and when they were created. This report shows if your attendees are most active during the event or pre-event.
  • Meeting Dashboard: Displays the total count of meetings by type and day, lets you filter by meeting type, status, and more.
  • Meetings List: Lists all meetings, showing the percentages of approved meetings and of invitees who accepted meetings.
  • Meetings Top Ten: Lists the users and companies that have the most scheduled meetings.

Session Management Reports

  • Event Session Details: Displays every Session Field, and Status along with Speaker information & more.
  • Resources: Shows which sessions have resources (such as PPT or videos) attached to them and the status of the resources (such as pending or accepted).
  • Session Change Details: Shows who was the last person to modify a session and at what time.
  • Session Chat Details: Lists all sessions and the chat details for them.
  • Session Requests: Shows all session requests (a need for certain equipment or space) by session, track, and session type. Shows whether the requests have been completed or not.
  • Session Standard Data Visuals: Displays standard session data in a graph.
  • Session Summary: Displays session summary details in graphs.
  • Session Video Player Details: Lists all sessions and their video players.
  • Sessions Grid Report: Shows session schedule information with Time Slots and Locations.

Speaker Management Reports

  • Speaker Conflicts: Shows if a speaker is double-booked for sessions they accepted during the conference.
  • Speaker Details: Lists all speakers’ details, including their custom profile fields.
  • Speaker Engagement: Displays graphs of speaker activity, including login, photo upload, and profile completion (all required fields are complete).
  • Speaker Track Report: Displays a graph of the number of speakers per track and their speaker details.

Sponsor & Expo Reports 

  • All up Sponsor and Exhibitor: Lists all sponsors and their details (category, address, staffer names, and more).
  • Meeting details for Sponsor Staff: Shows all the meetings that sponsor staff participated in. If you’re an Admin, you may see multiple sponsor businesses listed. If you’re a Sponsor, you’ll just see your own business information.
  • Sponsor resource download details: Shows all sponsor resources (such as PPT or videos) and which users downloaded them.
  • Sponsor Videos Watched: Lists all sponsors where videos were watched,
  • Virtual Sponsor Attendee Lead Details: Lists all attendees who visited each sponsor page and clicked "Email me more information."
  • Virtual Sponsor Traffic: Shows sponsor page views and sponsors favorited, as well as more detailed information about how attendees interacted with sponsor pages.
  • Virtual Sponsor Visit Detail: Lists attendee details for those who visited the sponsor booths.

Staffing Reports

  • Hours Worked per Staffer: Lists the overall total hours staffers have worked.
  • Staffing Schedule by Staff: Displays staffing schedules by staff.
  • Staffing Schedule by Workgroup: Displays staffing schedules by workgroup.

Additional reports are accessible to Staffing Leads. Access is filtered to assigned Staffing Workgroups:


  • Hours Worked per Staffer by Workgroup Filtered to Staffing Lead Logged in: Reports the overall total hours only for Staffers assigned to the Staffing Lead logged in.
  • Staffing Schedule by Staff Filtered to Staffing Lead Logged in: Displays staffing schedules only for those Staffers assigned to the Staffing Lead logged in.
  • Staffing Schedule by Workgroup Filtered to Staffing Lead Logged in: Displays staffing schedules only for Workgroups assigned to the Staffing Lead logged in.


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