Grader: Grading Summary Power BI Report


The Grading Summary Report lists grade averages for each session.



The Grading Summary Report includes the following unique columns.

Session ID

A unique identifier for each Session, accessible on the Session Details tab for each Session.


The Session Title populates from the Session Details page.


The Code populates from the Session Details page. If no Code is added, the column will be blank.

Session Type

Session Types can be general names such as "Breakout" for sessions and "Breaks" for meals, or they can be more detailed names like "Panel Discussion" or "Roundtable." The Session Type populates from the Session Details page.


Tracks are used to organize sessions by topic or category. The Tracks field populates from the Session Details page.


The Speakers associated to the Session will appear in this column.

Grader Count

The number of Graders assigned to assess the Session.

Graded Count

The total number of completed Grading assessments per Session.

Avg Score

The average grading score per each Session. If a numerical value (Related Store Value) is not added in the Grading Questions configuration this field will be blank.


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