Social Wall - Best Practices: Content Moderator

Best Practices: Content Moderator

If you opted to actively moderate the content of your Social Wall, the following tips and tricks will help you achieving a great experience for your users:


Access our Social Wall vendor Twine
--> Login with the email and password that you provided to us via the Social Wall Matrix


Select your campaign

After logging in, your start screen would show you all campaigns available to your user.
--> Simply select "Moderate Campaign" from the Gear Icon dropdown menu on the right



Moderate/Approve menu

By default, you would see all posts with status "Pending Moderation"
(Hint: Any "retweeted" posts would always be pending approval by a moderator)

Recommendation: Change the setting to "All Published Posts"



Depending on the general approval setting of the feeds within your Social Wall, you have the following options:


Negative moderation - Remove published posts

  • For any feed with automatic approval, all posts would be published by default.
  • If you want a specific post to be removed from your Social Wall, you can select "Hide".
    --> Hidden posts can be re-approved within the status "Moderated Out"
  • If you want to permanently remove all posts of a specific user, you can use the "Mute" option.
    --> Any existing and future posts of this user will not be displayed on this Social Wall going forward - there is no option to un-mute such a user. 
  • Other options:
    • If you need to apply changes to a post, you can select "Edit"- please see further details below
    • If you need to change the collection of a post, you can do so via the "Collection" option



Positive moderation - Approve pending posts

  • For any feed without automatic approval, all posts would be pending approval by default.
    --> Those posts would be visible within status option "Pending Moderation"
  • If you want a specific post to be approved and added to your Social Wall, you can select "Approve"
  • The "Hide" / "Edit" / "Collection" / "Mute" options are the same as explained above (Negative moderation - Remove published posts)




Edit posts

If you need to adjust the content of a specific post, the "Edit" menu offers you could adjust the following elements of a post. You are only impacting the post as displayed on the Social Wall - the original post on the respective Social Media platform is not affected by this.

Please be mindful when editing:

  • Edit Content:
    Title, Abstract, Body, Primary Image, Video URL, Link Target, Posted
  • Design:
    Standard, Double, Full Width, Photo Only, Photo Double, Photo Full Width
  • Call To Action:
    You can add Buttons (Name, Target URL, Button Label) to a post
  • Pin & Promote:
    Within a promoting time range, a post can be repeated or pinned to a certain position
    --> Examples: You can feature key brand videos at the top of a Social Wall. You can attach any post (organic, sponsored, or user-generated) to the top of your campaign, positioning it so that visitors to social hub will see it right away
  • Advanced:
    You could manipulate some displayed author details (Avatar URL, Author Username, Author Full Name)











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