Feature Issue: MMC - Webcast player does not load stream when loaded - STWO-536

Feature Issue 

For MMC standard audio events and MMC virtual audio events, when a MMC webcast player is loaded at the start of an event and the webcast stream doesn't load up and just buffers forever.   This may also occur when the webcast player is loaded before start time, when event is in live mode.



It is recommended to monitor the webcast 10 minutes before the webcast starts and ensure there is bridge hold music streaming. 

    • If bridge hold music is streaming, the issue isn't occurring and the webcast is good.
    • If the webcast player is buffering, the issue should be escalated to your service manager right away. A fix can then be applied by the operations team to resolve the issue.


Cause & Fix

STWO-536 has been created and Product Management has assigned this with high priority.

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