5.108 Event Cloud Product Release Notes - July 18, 2022

Below are the release notes for the 5.108 Event Cloud release, on Monday, July 18, 2022.


New Features and Enhancements

Session Q&A 

Moderated Session Q&A allows attendees to submit questions and messages for review within the Session Details page. Session speakers and moderators can enter Moderation Mode to prioritize, tag, publish, and answer submissions in real time, and individual sorting and filter options per person covers a variety of use cases - from one presenter managing their own queue to multiple question curators marking approved questions to automatically appear in the presenter's view. 


Note: Moderated Q&A will be ready for General Availability (GA) two weeks from the release date. Additional articles, materials, and training sessions will be available at that time. 



When enabled per session, the Moderated Q&A appears as its own tab on the Session Details page alongside the Live Chat and Evaluation tabs. Attendees can submit questions, and Session Speakers and/or Moderators can prioritize, tag, publish, and post answers to submissions. 

Admins can customize the label of the Q&A tab in the Session admin, using up to 30 characters. 


All users on the Session Details page will initially see the attendee view of the Session Q&A panel, where all published questions, and an optional answer per question, appear. If another tab is in focus when there is a newly published question or answer, a red indicator dot will appear on the tab to show there is new activity.


Session Speakers, Moderators, and Admins have an additional option at the top of the Q&A panel to toggle into Moderation Mode, where all submitted questions are visible to review, tag as Approved, Tech Support, or Ignore, and/or publish, with or without a typed answer.  

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Priority can be set per question while remaining within the Needs Review tab for lone presenters moderating their own list of questions as needed, or for Question Curators to sort before taking additional action. Adding a tag, clicking the publish toggle, or answering a question will automatically move that item from the Needs Review tab to the Reviewed tab. 




When choosing to answer a submitted question, selecting Save And Publish on the Answering interface will publish both the question and answer to the attendee Q&A view. Once a question has been published, an answer can be added any time. When a question is already answered, the answer can also continue to be edited, and the revised response will update on the attendee view without changing the publish order of the question.  



Ascending and descending Date or Priority sorting is available on both tabs in Moderation Mode. Users on the Reviewed tab can also filter their view to only see questions with specific tags. All sorting and filter selections are independent per user, per tab, to have complete control over your own Q&A moderation views. 


Registration Form Builder 
Event Cloud’s Registration Builder is an easy-to-use registration page editor to customize branding and configure form fields & settings. 

Note: Registration Builder will be ready for Full & Self Service General Availability (GA) two weeks from the release date. Additional articles, materials, and training sessions will be available at that time. 



Admins can configure the general registration settings to manage when registration is available, show privacy opt-in options or additional text areas, and to customize the registration confirmation email.  



The individual pages in the Registration Builder can be edited using the navigation links at the top of the page. When published, the three Registration Builder pages are: 

  • The Registration Page contains the registration form fields where attendees enter their information to register.  
  • The Confirmation Page is where a registrant is directed to after successfully submitting the form.  
  • The Registration Closed Page is shown to users if they try to access the registration URL outside of the registration start or end dates. 




Editing the Color Palette and Typography applies throughout the entire event, including registration, whether saved either from within the Registration Builder or the Page Builder views. 

Similar to the Event Editor Page Builder, clicking each section on a page will open an editing slide-out panel. Any text and image edits are temporarily visible within the page in order to preview, prior to clicking the Save Updates button to commit the changes. Note, each page must be saved to retain any temporary edits before clicking to edit the other pages. 

Additional formatting is supported in text areas, including bulleted lists and clickable links, by pasting in pre-formatted text. 



The First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields are required and automatically included in the registration form. The front-facing field labels can be customized as needed on each within the Form Fields interface. 

Additional fields can be included on the Registration form by pre-creating them in the Profile Fields admin, in the Custom Fields section. Setting them as required or not for Attendees will control if it appears as required or not on the Registration Page form.  

*Note, other fields under the Standard Fields section in the Profile Fields admin will be supported in a future release but are not currently available to add as registration form fields. 



Preview each page by clicking the Preview Form button at the top of the Registration Builder. This opens a modal window where each page can be previewed in desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile screen sizes. 




Use the Publish toggle to publish or unpublish the registration pages at any time. Note, the Form Settings and Form Fields slide-out panels cannot be edited while registration is published.  

  • When not published, users visiting the registration URL will see an error that the page is not currently available.  
  • When published, users visiting the registration URL between the registration start date and end date will see the Registration Page & configured form fields. Outside of these dates, users will see the Registration Closed page.   


Profile Settings 

The existing “Enable attendee to attendee messaging" privacy option is now a conditional checkbox under the "Show my profile in the community" option. This means users can only enable their “attendee to attendee messaging” privacy setting once “Show my profile in the community” is also selected, similar to the existing “Allow other people to request meetings with me” option. 



Sponsor Details page 

When populated, the Booth Number field appears in a more prominent position, within the Sponsor Details page, in the upper left area above the description. 


Known Issue 

When choosing a language from the globe icon on the Registration page, the form is correctly translated and can be successfully submitted, but the confirmation page may occasionally appear partially in English and partially in the selected language. 






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