Specifying Custom Role Notification Recipients

In addition to scheduling and sending real-time event Notifications, Admins can send event notifications to subsets of Custom Role users.


Event Notifications Admin

1. Navigate to the Admin Portal, select Event, and click Event Notifications to launch the Event Notifications Admin page.


2. Select the Add New Notification button to create a new notification. 



3. Add notification details Title, Body, and Link (optional).


4. Input When To Send details (Schedule Send or Send Now).


5. In the Notification Recipients section, to send a notification to specific Custom Roles choose the Select Recipients option.

Select Recipients: Select the tick box for one or more Custom Roles. Only users with the specified roles will receive the notification. During the selection process, selecting Clear All will uncheck all selected roles.



6. In the upper right corner, select Save to create the notification. The notification will be sent at the specified time (Schedule Send or Send Now) to the Specified Recipients selected during configuration.


7. The Event Notifications Admin page will display all notifications. Admins can reference the Recipients column to determine if a notification is configured for all Attendees (All) or Specified Recipients (Custom).



Attendee Experience

When notifications are sent to Custom Roles, the intended recipients of each notification will see the message populate.

Attendees logging into the event during the notification window will receive a pop-up with the notification (and a link if you choose to add one) which remains on their page until they close it. Past notifications are available for attendees to view on their Event Notifications page.

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