New Window Studio Sessions Attendee Experience

For New Window Studio Sessions, the Studio Video Player can be accessed from the Session Details Page and will open in a new window. This article will outline the attendee experience when a user accesses a New Window Studio Session from the Session Details Page.

Please note, user data is passed between Event Cloud and Studio, but activity within Studio modules in the new window are independent from the Session Details page.

If chat has been enabled in the New Window Studio interface, it will be separate from the Event Cloud chat module. As a best practice, we recommend not to enable chat in both the New Window Studio interface and in the Session Details page to avoid confusion. 


Accessing Live Sessions

Upon accessing the Event Cloud Sessions page, a user can view upcoming and past Sessions, a descriptive summary of Sessions, and Speaker biography details. 

When a New Window Studio Session Timeslot is active, it will be tagged “Live” and will appear in the Live Sessions list. The Live status allows users to select the Session Title to navigate to the Session Details page.   


Session Details Page

When an attendee accesses the Session Details page, the top left area populates the Session Title, Start and End Date, Time, and Session Type.


The lower left-hand side of the screen displays Session Info & Documents section. This section includes the Event Cloud Session description and any documents uploaded to Event Cloud that should be shared with attendees. 


Enter the Show

If this page is accessed prior to a webcast Start Time, the Location section will include a countdown timer. If this page is accessed at the webcasts Pre-Session time or Start Time (depending on the session configuration), an Enter The Show button will appear and will allow the user to access the webcast by clicking on it. The countdown timer will disappear and the Enter The Show button will appear dynamically at the specified time the Studio session becomes available for attendee access.

When an attendee clicks the Enter The Show button, the Studio webcast will open in a new window.

Speaker information appears below the Location area. As a best practice, we recommend including as much relevant information as possible for each speaker including their title, biography, company, and photo.



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