Embedded Studio Sessions Attendee Experience

Embedded Studio Sessions allow attendees to easily access a Studio Session without navigating away from the Event Cloud site. When Embedded Studio Sessions are enabled, video and slides are passed seamlessly from the Studio Presenter Console to the Event Cloud Sessions Details page. 

This article will outline the attendee experience while viewing an Embedded Studio Session at the time that it has not yet started, when in the pre-session time, when it has ended, or when it is on-demand.


Accessing Live Sessions

Upon accessing the Event Cloud Sessions page, a user can view upcoming and past Sessions, a descriptive summary of Sessions, and speaker biography details. 

When an Embedded Studio Session Timeslot is active, it will be tagged “Live” and will appear in the Live Sessions list. The Live status allows users to select the Session Title to navigate to the Session Details page.   


Session Details Page Layout

While the details on a Session Details Page will differ depending on when a user accesses it (before, during or after a session), the overall layout of the page will remain the same.


The main section of the page will display the session’s video feed. The video player includes options to adjust the volume, set audio & quality preferences, and launch into full screen.


The Session Title, Start date, End date, time, and Session Type appear directly below the video area.  Session Info & Documents, Session Description, and Speakers will display if they have been configured. 

The lower side of the screen displays the Event Cloud Session description and any documents uploaded to Event Cloud that should be shared with Attendees. 


Speaker biographies appear below the Session Info & Documents area. As a best practice, we recommend including as much relevant information as possible for each speaker. In addition to the Speaker’s name, we recommend including their title, biography, company, and photo.

If the Slides Area is enabled in Event Cloud, they will display on the top right-hand side of the screen.

On the lower right-hand side of the screen, optional features can be enabled to allow for greater interactivity during the Session. When enabled, features such as Chat, Polls, and Evaluations will display in the bottom right panel. 



Session Not Started

For Live Sessions that have not started yet, the media area will display a message that includes the Session name and an alert to attendees that the Session will start soon. 

Before the scheduled start time, the slides area will display a message that states the presentation will accompany the session.




Attendees may have access to a Live Session prior to the actual start time, depending on the Pre-Session time configured by the event Admin.

If desired, Studio Webcast Producers can start the webcast broadcast in this time frame to display a countdown video or welcome message to the audience. 

If an early broadcast is not needed, the Studio video and slides (if applicable) will only display in the Session Details page when it is past the Pre-Session Time and the Studio webcast has been started in the Presenter Console.


During the Session

Once the broadcast has started, the slides will be controlled by the presenters logged into the Studio Presenter Console. An Attendee will see the slides transition, as the presenter speaks to the content and advances slides for all viewers. 

All live Session engagement with Attendees will take place on the Session Details page.



Session Ended

If a user accesses a Session page after the webcast has ended, the main area will display the Session Name and a message that the Session has ended.

The right-hand area for slides will display a message that the Presentation has ended (if applicable).


If the session is set to On-Demand within Studio, the recorded webcast will appear within the Event Cloud Session Details page and will be available for viewing.

At the very end of a scheduled webcast, the screen will re-load the image that states the session name with the updated status that states the session has ended.

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