Feature Issue: EVENT CLOUD - Schedule Meeting - Attendee's receive a "Could not create this user" error when adding an external user, status 400 bad request. - DevOps # 67031

Feature Issue:

When an attendee is trying to schedule a meeting to an external user they get “Could not create this user” error message upon pressing Add, however, the user gets created and it comes up in the user list if they are closing/re-opening the lookup user tool.


Steps to Recreate:


  1. Create a meeting type which allows users to send invites to external attendees.
  2. Launch Schedule Builder – Go to meetings.
  3. Select the meeting type, under Invite Users click to search for users.
  4. Search for a user that is not registered and click add an external user.


  5. Once you filled out the required fields press Add.
  6. You will notice that the error “Could not create this user” comes up, if you click done you will be prompted with {"data":"Could not create this user.","status":400,"success":false}


  7. Clicking on search for users you will notice the user is listed and does get created despite the error message.


Data Center(s) Impacted:



The error can be dismissed. The system creates the user and you're able to select the user to use them as a recipient.

Cause & Fix:

This issue is entered as a bug in DevOps # 67031. QA is testing to recreate the issue. Once testing is complete, Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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