5.104 Event Cloud Product Release Notes - May 16, 2022

Below are the release notes for the 5.104 Event Cloud Product Release, on Monday, May 16, 2022.


New Features and Enhancements 

Event Cloud Expand:
Studio Sessions are now available to be enabled for Expand subscription events. 

Event Cloud Standard:

  • Admins have the option when creating or editing a session to select an existing timeslot from a list or to give the session a new start and end time, which is then saved as a new timeslot for future use. 


  • In order to create a better experience when viewing Lobbies in the Technology Theme, the background images are now 100% height and pinned on the right side of the page. This change allows admins to create a more predictable experience for users across multiple resolutions & devices. In a previous release, this enhancement was added to the Welcome Lobby, and now applies to the Sessions, Community, Sponsors, & Meetings Lobbies, and the Keynote theater. 


  • The Support Center item in the admin navigation menu now links to the consolidated articles in the Notified Solution Center.



  • In the Event Cloud 1:1 Chat feature, we have changed the appearance of the pop-up menus to improve the attendee experience.

Video Meetings 
In addition to supporting third party URLs for meeting locations, we now have a more seamless, native video solution for Meeting participants.  

Note: The Video Meetings feature will be ready for General Availability (GA) two weeks from the release date. Additional articles, materials, and training sessions will be available at that time. 

Admins can navigate to Admin > Meetings > Meeting Types and create a Video Meeting type by enabling the “Allow user to create video conferences” option. Once selected, admins can set a capacity between 2 and 30 participants for this meeting type.  


Meetings created from this meeting type will have a “Join Video Conference” button available at start time for participants. This button appears in the Meeting quick view when clicking on it from the My Schedule page, and in the more detailed view where participants can accept or decline the request and meeting owners can edit or cancel: 




Clicking the Join Video Conference button on the meeting launches an initial preview screen, where each user can test their equipment and switch to an alternative camera, microphone, or audio output. Click “Join meeting” to be connected with other participants who have joined.  


During the meeting, the buttons along the bottom of the screen allow each user to show/hide their video, mute/unmute their microphone, share their screen, or open the Attendee or Chat panels to see either a list of the other participants or a chat option:



The settings gear in the lower left corner allows users to change their connected equipment and change their personal view layout. Mouseover a user to see their name and choose to pin their video: 



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