5.103 Event Cloud Product Release Notes - April 28, 2022

Below are the release notes for the 5.103 Event Cloud Product Release, on Thursday, April 28, 2022.


New Features and Enhancements 

Event Cloud Embedded Studio Sessions 

This release introduces Embedded Studio Sessions within Event Cloud. Once this feature is available for events*, event admins can create Embedded Studio Sessions directly in their Event Cloud admin. Video and slides are passed seamlessly from the Studio presenter console to the Event Cloud Sessions Details page. See below for details and screenshots.   

*Note: This new feature will be ready for General Availability (GA) four weeks from the release date. Additional articles, materials, and training sessions will be available at that time.

The Event Cloud Studio integration allows session and webcast information to be shared between the two solutions. This means event admins can create an embedded Studio webcast in the Event Cloud session admin, and that information is passed to the Studio side seamlessly.  

  • In Event Cloud, admins can navigate to any session’s Manage Video tab and select Studio as the video provider. Then there is a new option to select whether Studio will open in a New Window (previously existing functionality) or will be Embedded into the Session Details page. 


  • When selecting Embedded Webcast, several new setting options appear: Webcast Title (pre-populated with the session title), Pre-Session Time, Slides Area, and Studio User Roles. 


  • After saving these settings, individual Studio Presenter Console links will be generated for each specified user. Admins can click the Copy icon to copy the URL and can send each user their dedicated link through whatever means they wish.    


  • Once the Embedded Studio webcast is created in the Event Cloud admin, Attendees can view the Studio video and optional slides inline on the Session Details page in the event. If an attendee views the session page while the Studio webcast is not live or on-demand, there is a slate showing a message that either the session has not started yet or the session has ended.  



  • When the Studio webcast is started, and it is after the pre-session time (x minutes before the session start time) set in the Event Cloud admin, Studio video and optional slides will be visible within the Session Details page. Once the webcast is set to On Demand within Studio, it will also appear within the Event Cloud Session Details page. 


  • All existing Event Cloud Session & Attendee reports also apply to Embedded Studio Sessions. 

Event Cloud New Window Studio Sessions 

  • When Studio is used as the video provider opening in a New Window, the link to join from the Session Details page has been changed to a button for better visibility and ease of use. 



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