Feature Issue: ALL PRODUCTS - ExternalShowSetupAPI filter code '|E| Presentations' returns no results - TFS #12636

Feature Issue 

The API Call |E| is not properly returning the list of presentations.

  1. Enter a Tenant with enabled API credentials.
  2. Note an Event with one or more Presentations inside it.
    (The below showkey:XXXX consists of about 18 presentations)
  3. Enter the External API Explorer and enter the API auth code and credentials for the tenant.

  4. Select Event Setup from the left-hand menu and check Get the code box for the list of Presentations(|E| Presentations)
  5. Click the Submit button in the Explorer Wizard or paste the Get Code in the address bar of your browser. It does not bring up any list or results.

Data Center(s) Impacted
U.S. & APAC 


The external event API (50540) and opCode |EGL| or |EEL| can be used to pull the list of presentations.
The API code will not display in the same format as the opCode |E| , however it will pull the list of presentations.

Cause & Fix
has been entered for this issue. Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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