How do I enable Studio Emojis?

Question: How do I enable Studio Emojis? 

Answer: The Studio Emoji feature can be enabled on any Studio webcast by opening the Setup menu, selecting "Media Panel Assets", then enabling "Emoji Support". 


The emoji feature can be enabled on any standalone Studio webcast, VX Studio presentation, or Event Cloud Studio session that opens in a new window. This is not currently supported on Event Cloud Studio embedded sessions.

Once this feature is enabled, a predefined list of emoji images, including smile, laugh, thumbs up, clap, and a heart will be available to all attendees to choose from during the webcast. The list of emojis cannot be edited or customized at this time. When an attendee sends an emoji reaction, it will be seen by all attendees immediately. Emojis will appear as an overlay on top of the streaming media content.

Please note that this feature is currently only visible on the attendee side, and real-time emoji display for presenters, and on-demand functionality for all users, are being investigated for inclusion in a future update. Additionally, emojis will only display if the webcast has been started.

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