Feature Issue: STUDIO - Image Overlays do not Appear in CPE Certificates - TFS #12567

Feature Issue

1. Create a Studio presentation

2. Set the Event time to the current Date and Time (Can be used on On Demand as well)

3. Set minimum requirements in the CPE Setup> CPE setting like the screenshot below (Set Required Viewing Minutes)

Graphical user interface, application, Teams

Description automatically generated


4. In the Certificate section, Enable Award Certificates and create a new certificate by selecting a system template provided.
CPE in Virtual Events:

CPE in Standalone Webcasting:



Graphical user interface

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5. Use the Insert text/image option to insert an image of .jpg format.

Graphical user interface

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6. Notice the .jpg is added to the certificate and Save and Select your created certificate.

7. Register as an Attendee and watch the presentation containing the CPE Certificate and  ensure that you meet the criteria as set.

9. The Certificate received does not contain the .jpg image in it. 




If the image must be included, it is recommended that the image be included on the original background image of the certificate.


Cause & Fix
TFS #12567 has been created already, Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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