5.101 Event Cloud Product Release Notes - April 04, 2022

Below are the release notes for the 5.101 Event Cloud Product Release, on Monday, April 04, 2022.



  • The Event Cloud Expand option is now feature complete. This means that when it’s enabled for an event on the back end, that event has access to a more streamlined experience using a subset of the full Event Cloud platform.  
  • We made some improvements so that video start and end times are decoupled from an event’s start and end date. This is a win for both internal users testing video streams as well as customers who have a need for video availability outside of the event window.   

New Features and Enhancements 

Event Cloud Expand: 

As of this release, the following changes are also applied when the Event Cloud Expand option is enabled for an event: 

  • Custom roles are removed from the product in the following places: User Details page, Users Summary view, and any default user settings.   
  • The Session Details page has several non-Expand options (such as using a session image, having an Attending Users tab on the page, and more)  removed from the UI. The full list of items removed from the page is as follows: 
    • The Custom roles allowed to attend option 
    • The Visible to Anonymous user option 
    • The Show Attending Users option 
    • The Featured option 
    • The Assistants area  
    • The Session Image option  
    • The Links area 
    • The Session Requests tab  
  • In the Navigation edit slide-out, the navigation items for Evaluations, Sponsors and Info Center are not shown at all.  In the Page Builder, the Meeting and Sponsor Lobbies are shown but disabled with a message notifying users this feature is not available in Expand.   



Event Cloud Standard: 

  • In order to create a better experience when viewing the Welcome Lobby in the Technology Theme, the background image is now 100% height and pinned on the right side of the page. This change allows admins to create a more predictable Welcome Lobby experience for users across multiple resolutions & devices. 
  • To make the mobile app process work more smoothly for customers, we’ve added a default Notified app icon that is used  if they don’t upload their own icon.  
  • For improved usability, the user online status signifier has been changed to a circle around the profile picture instead of a small dot. The status signifier was updated so that a new message notification can be added in a future iteration that could have confused users.
  • Throughout the Event Cloud UI, we have replaced the logo for “Powered by” to the Notified logo.  

Known Issue 

  • In the Event Editor Technology theme, Mac users may experience the background image not initially expanding to fill the space when the user collapses the navigation menu. Instead there is a blank space beside the image which corrects itself upon scrolling. This issue will be addressed in a future release.   



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