Chat Moderating as an Admin

Moderating a chat as an admin is easy! Event Cloud gives you the ability to have chat on each session or sponsor page. You can select from either Moderated Chat or Group Chat. Depending on the type of chat you select, your role as a chat admin/moderator will vary. For more information on enabling chat and chat features please see this article.

As noted above, no matter the type of chat you select, chat admins and moderators have administrative powers in chat rooms. 

You can assign a custom role to have the chat admin/moderator role. Please note that you can only assign one custom role to this feature per site and that anyone with the custom role has moderator/administrative chat privileges across every chat room on the site. Speakers, Sponsors, and Session Owners will automatically have chat moderator privileges. 


Assigning Chat Moderator Privileges

First, make sure you have created the custom role you will use for chat moderating. For more information on custom roles please see this article.

Once you have created the custom role you can assign it by doing the following:


1. Click Event mceclip3.png
2. Click Setup Properties mceclip4.png
3. Choose the Event Options tab mceclip5.png
4. Select Edit Details in the top right corner mceclip6.png
5. Scroll down to the Chat Configuration heading and select Enable Peer to Peer (P2P) Private Chat mceclip0.png

Don't forget to save! 

Please note that you will also need to make sure to assign this custom role to any users you want to have chat moderator/admin privileges.


Chat Features in Chats

As a chat admin, you have additional options in the chat settings as compared to regular users.



Sound: Toggle chat notification sounds on or off

Private Chat popup: When toggled on, private messages will pop up as notifications over the chat. Toggling off will disable this.

Admin mode: It is not recommended to use this feature

Font Size: Increase (+) or decrease (-) the font size in the chat window

QR: Displays a QR code to open the chat on another device. Please note you must be logged in to Event Cloud on this device in order to successfully open chat.

Export Transcript: Downloads a transcript of the chat history

Open the chat in a separate window: Pops the chat open into a separate browser window

Clear chat messages: This clears all chat messages in the chatbox permanently


Chat Moderation in Moderated Chats

If you have selected a chat room as a moderated chat, chat admins must approve or deny each message before it reaches the rest of the attendees. A chat moderator simply logs in to the chat like any other attendee.

To approve the comment the chat moderator will need to click the green checkmark. To deny the comment the mod needs to click the red x. 



Chat Moderation in Group Chats

Chat admins will be able to delete chat comments on the session page of either Group or Moderated Chats by clicking the trash can icon next to each comment.


If you need to remove or ban a user from the chat you can do so by clicking their name on the left-hand side >box icon > settings > disconnect 


Disconnecting someone removes them from the current chat.

Banning someone by IP will ban them from all chats across Event Cloud.


Speakers & Viewers


In the lower-left corner of the chatbox, you'll find the speaker and viewer counts. These numbers update dynamically as users leave and join the session page. The number of speakers refers to users that are logged into the chatbox and able to "speak" with others, while the number of viewers refers to users who are not yet logged into the chatbox. As users join the session page they will be logged in automatically, so it is normal to see a large number of speakers and little to no viewers.


Please note: Session and Sponsor Booth chats are separate from Attendee to Attendee (A2A) chats. To view chat history for a specific session return back to that session's details page. This process is similar for viewing sponsor booth chat history; navigate back to that sponsor's booth.

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