Getting Started - Authorization Token


Need to send content out from Event Cloud - website, mobile apps, and more? No problem! We got an API for that.

Check out the following article to get you up and running!

Note: The following instructions require you to have credentials. To acquire the necessary credentials, please see this article.


Getting Your Authorization Token:

Use this as the POST request:



In the header of the request, make sure you have:

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


In the body of the request, use the credentials that were given to you (replace the part in red):



This request will return something like this:

    "access_token": "cebt3DV3YdJGINp0hI_tepVkDOVekjabIMBqpmOCSgqXOmWfWRlq9gCK9vYazsDt31hyCgIqLDOpbDfAVl36BbhUuGl5n-83KW5MMXwrgxVatPMOLyePZBH4bw8qPHqujN7BoSk09nZkFGjRL1yTj5-ALNONJOucppl84p1VMwaf2zQzBIoPDeFC5Je5eIkPORPfgV1bKQjG04mHfzfSx2Pl1OqC_LFKPCriaDKgzkzCIwmAKAenF_VW7OTM3StGkVy9H8rNL8P-VoRIn4T1ses4ES1PmOGf688JyzQM0XN_haxujbvItxc_HH8qTQ8GCBn9JAI5qXFCBzlUOptj8pm3RlMx2H6hnSoJP1e746BAM77C0j-F16VKGAfoFmhwy5f_7SssNvNPIk8_y-dE-Fbt_1cG9wx5NYYplYCc2Qo",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "expires_in": 39999


The "access_token" is what you will need in all of your future requests.


Making Requests:

Here's a link to all the endpoints we offer:

Let's run through an example request so you get the gist of it.


Using the Sessions endpoint:

Make a GET request:


Replace the event ID with the four-digit event ID you were given by your Customer Success Manager. 


In the header, include:

Authorization: bearer [access_token]

Content-Type: application/json


Replace the part in red above with the actual access token you received in the first step.

Including the access_token in your request will authenticate you and return the data.


Huzzah! You're all ready to start getting that data!

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