Using MyConference for Attendee Agendas


The Event Cloud API provides you a clean and simple way to get an Attendee's schedule. Whether you are a mobile app or other provider, the MyConference endpoint of our API will give you everything you need (both sessions and meetings) to display an Attendee's agenda.

This article will go over the recommended way to pull data from the MyConference endpoint. 


MyConference for Attendee Agendas

 This endpoint will return all items on all Attendee users' schedules. It's recommended that you get the items for an individual user at a time. This will prevent the system from lagging as it tries to return an abundance of data.

Note: The API is limited to only return 1000 items at a time. You can use the $top and $skip parameters to create a loop that will get all items.

This is how you would make an API request to get all the items on one specific Attendee's schedule:

GET  /api/{version}/{eventId}/MyConference?$filter=AttendeeId eq 'this-is-an-id'

AttendeeId is the recommended filter parameter to use to identify an attendee, especially if there are other integrations in play. UserId is a good alternative if it is appropriate to use a system-generated ID.

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