Attendee Engagement: Chat Transcripts Tableau Report


NOTE: This report was formerly named Chat Details.

The Chat Transcripts report displays chat transcripts for each session and/or sponsor, as well as information on the users who participated.

Room Name: The sponsor /session name containing the chat.

Room Type: Displays whether the chat occurred within a session or sponsor page.

Total Number Posts: The total number of posts in the chat (this does not count unique users, since one user could make multiple posts).

Unique Users: The total number of unique users who posted in the chat.

Message text/User Name (and other user information): The full text of each chat message and information about who posted it.

The report also displays Total Event Posts and the Total Unique Users Posting.

  • Total Event Posts is the total number of posts made across the entire event site.
  • Total Unique Users Posting is the total number of unique users that have posted to a chat, whether it is on a session page or a booth.


There are a few things to know about this report, because of the way the data is collected:

  • If posts were deleted or moderated, they may still be here depending on when the chat was synced with the database.
  • If a user was deleted in Event Cloud, they will still show up in this transcript. Furthermore, if a user’s name was changed in Event Cloud at any time during the event, that user may appear as NULL in the report. In other words, information may be "Null" because some chat user names no longer match what is in Event Cloud).
  • If two Event Cloud users have same first/last name they will show up as a single user in this report, as chat only captures first and last names.

Please note: Session and Sponsor Booth chats are separate from Attendee to Attendee (A2A) chats.

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