Attendee Engagement: Sessions Added to Schedule Tableau Report

NOTE: This report was formerly named Session Attendance Summary Report.
In order to view reports we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled. 

The 'Sessions Added to Schedule' Report displays which attendees added which sessions to their schedules and lists all sessions with their attendee count.

The top half of this report (Sessions Scheduled) shows sessions. The bottom half of the report (Session Scheduled Attendees) shows all attendees who added each session to their schedule.

In this report, as in many others, clicking any point in the list shown at the top will filter what data you see below.


"Sessions Scheduled" section

The top of the report page shows all sessions and their details, such as Track and time slot.

Hover your cursor over any session’s Description column to see its full details.

Scroll to the right to see how many attendees added that to their schedule, and how many actually visited the session page. If no one has added a session to their schedule, it will appear as 0.  

Please note that mandatory sessions are included in the Scheduled Attendee Count.

For virtual events, Room Name will show as “Null” and there will be a 0 in the Scanned Sessions column, as it refers to scanning attendee badges in person.  


"Session Scheduled Attendees" section

The bottom of the report shows all attendees who added the session to their schedule (whether or not they actually attended it). Some things to note:

  • Sessions are listed in order of their Event Cloud ID (so the order can appear random).
  • Attendees are listed alphabetically by the first name.
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