Attendee Engagement: Virtual Session Attendance Details Tableau Report

NOTE: This report was formerly named Virtual Session Visit Detail.


In order to view reports we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled.


The 'Virtual Session Attendance Details' report lists attendee details for those who visited the session details and provides information about video views.

Please note, if you have a lot of data, this report may take some time to load.

The report displays:

  • Users who visited the session page.
  • The first and last time they visited the session page.
  • How many times total they visited it.
  • How many times they start the video on the session page (this does not calculate whether they watched it completely, only that they started it).
  • Details about each user (their email address, company, custom roles, and so on).
  • Sessions with no visits are not shown in this report.

Please note, if you refresh this page, it will not refresh the data in real-time, as it is automatically refreshed every 30 minutes.


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