Attendee Engagement: Virtual Session Engagement Overview Tableau Report

NOTE: This report was formerly named Virtual Session Overview Report.


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The 'Virtual Session Engagement' report lists all session page views, scheduled session attendance numbers, and more!


This report is similar to the Virtual Event Overview, but it gives an overview of the sessions.


Please note that if there is a lot of data within the report, may take some time to load.

The report displays:

  • Evaluations submitted: The total number of session evaluations that attendees submitted. See the Session Evaluation Details report for more detail about which sessions were evaluated.
  • Total videos published: The number of sessions that have videos displayed to attendees in Schedule Builder.
  • Sessions added to schedule: The total number of all sessions added to any attendees’ schedule. This does not include mandatory sessions.
  • Speaker profiles viewed: The total number of times a speaker’s page was viewed.   
  • Session resources downloaded: The total number of times an attendee downloaded a resource (any file that was attached to a session as a resource).
  • Total times session video launched: The total number of times a session video is played.  Note that this does not count unique users, since one user could be counted multiple times if they viewed a video more than once.  
  • Filter types used on session list: This is a count of what attendees used as filters when searching for sessions in Schedule Builder. These filters are any fields you configured to allow attendees to use as search filters (for example, Session Track). Note that this report only lists filters that were used by at least one attendee. 
  • Search words in session page: This is a count of what search terms attendees entered when searching for sessions in Schedule Builder.


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