Editing Your Navigation Menu

Event Editor allows you to edit the left navigation menu in the Schedule Builder portal. You can publish and unpublish individual pages, change the order pages appear in, titles, and more!

Accessing Navigation Menu Editor

From the event editor menu, select the left navigation editor icon as shown below:



The navigation menu editor will appear on the right of the screen, and display the current contents of the left navigation menu as shown below:


Reordering Pages

To change the order pages appear in, simply click on the item you want to rearrange, and drag it into the desired position. Once you're done, hit Save & Close.


Changing Individual Navigation Item Information

To change information about a specific navigation item, click the drop-down arrow next to the item you want to edit. This will open a sub-menu where you can edit a menu item's icon, title, URL, and decide whether that navigation item opens in a new tab or the current tab.


Changing A URL

Please note: when changing the URL, please use relative links. The event editor will automatically fill in the first portion of your event site link for you. For example, if I wanted to change the My Schedule link to navigate to our Sessions page, I would only need to change "schedule" to "sessions". The full or absolute link is https://youreventsite.hubb.me/fe/schedule-builder/sessions. However, the event editor will take care of the URL up until "sessions". We insert https://youreventsite.hubb.me/fe/schedule-builder/ automatically.

Publishing and Unpublishing A Page

To publish and unpublish a page from appearing in the navigation menu, simply toggle the button next to the drop-down arrow. In the example below, Dashboard has a white circle, and is unpublished from the navigation menu, while My Schedule is toggled blue, and is published to the navigation menu.


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