Event Editor - Overview

Page Builder

Page Builder is the first piece of the larger Event Editor feature. To learn more about how to use this feature read the following guide. 

1. Navigate to Admin > Event > Event Editor


2. To open a brief introduction to the feature, select the Help icon in the upper right


3. Click “Learn More.”

  • Click “Show me more” to be led through a brief intro
  • Select “Skip Intro” to close it at any time.

Select your theme

On the Select Theme tab, click on the theme you want to apply.

To customize the selected theme, you can pick a different color palette or typography style to change the look of the selected theme as shown in the table below:

Click this...

To do this…


Opens a slider where you can select from a set of different pre-defined color palettes.

Pick the palette you want to use and select “Save and Close”



Opens a slider where you can select from a set of different pre-defined typestyles.

Pick the typography style you want to use and select “Save and Close”



After saving, the changes will be reflected on your theme pages as you edit them (as described below).

Please note: The typography and color option selected above apply only to the pages built in the event editor.  CSS still needs to be set for the entire attendee experience on the Event branding page.

Edit Theme pages

1. Once you choose your theme, you’ll see all the available pages that you can edit. Click any page to open it for editing. page-editor-gallery-view.jpg
2. Click any area of the page to open a slider that lets you edit that item. For example, if you open the Welcome Lobby and click the description: image019.jpg

3. You can then start typing a new description in the slider.

Whatever you type is reflected immediately in the actual page content to the left of the slider.


Note: Each section has individual maximum character limits as follows:

Title - 30 character limit

Subtitle - 35 character limit

Paragraph - 1024 character limit


4. Click the X in the upper right to close the slider.

Please note: There is no save button in the slider since your changes are reflected in the page as you edit.


The editing other elements on the page (including buttons, background images, and carousels) process is almost identical, just click and edit!

Here are some of the options available when editing other elements:

  • Update text
  • Add or remove items (number of buttons or cards in a carousel)
  • Change background image by either uploading or providing a URL
  • Specify where each link goes
  • Associate them with specific sessions in your event
1. Once you’ve made all the edits you like to a page, click Save Updates to save your changes to that page. save-updates-button-circled-focused.jpg
2. If the event is currently live, you will be asked to confirm you want to save the changes, as they will be immediately reflected in the Attendee view if the page is in a Published state. published-event-save-warning.jpg
3. After saving your edits, click (Pages icon) at the top of the page to return to the Page Builder view of all pages. event-editor-pages-overview-icon.jpg


Important notes about saving changes to a page:

  • The default status for pages is Draft. If you’ve changed a page status to Ready To Publish and then published your event, please note any changes you save to that page will be immediately reflected in your live event site. It is recommended that pages be in a Draft state while you are actively editing them.
  • Do not publish an event and set pages to publish without making any edits. You must make and save at least one edit to one page before selecting “Ready to publish” for the page and publishing your event to live or the Event Editor won’t correctly publish the event.
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