Event Editor - Changing Your Theme

While we recommend that you settle on your Event Editor theme before getting too far down the path of editing your pages, you are able to change your theme at any time. When navigating to the “Select Theme” page, a message alert that states the edits in a theme will not be saved if you switch themes will appear. At any time, if you decide to change to a new theme, a message appears as soon as you roll over to any theme (other than the one you are currently using) to confirm the change. 

Please note that any updates to a published site will take effect immediately. This means any users logged into a published site will see updates right after they are saved.


1. Navigate to Admin > Event > Event Editor. menu_evented.jpg
2. Click Select Theme. select_theme.jpg
3. Message alert will appear that once you begin working in a theme, those changes will not be saved if you switch to a new theme.  

4. You can either:

  • Click the Pages icon (pagesicon.jpg) to continue using your current theme, and edit pages as needed, or
  • Choose a new theme you want to use for your event. Remember that any edits you made in the previous theme won't be reflected in the new theme! You'll be starting fresh with a blank slate.

5. Message alert will appear when you roll over to a new theme to confirm switching themes.

6. Edit your pages as needed. See the Event Editor Overview article for details about editing your pages.  
7.  Click Save Updates to save your changes to your edited pages. sveupdates.jpg
8. When prompted, click Yes, Save Updates. Remember, these changes will be reflected immediately on any pages that are currently live (published)! areyousure.jpg
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