Publishing Your Event

Now that you have customized your event site, it's time to go over how to publish it for the attendees. The following steps will walk you through how to publish or un-publish individual pages as well as publish your entire event site.

Publish or Unpublish the Event

1. In the upper right corner of the Event Editor is a slider that allows you to toggle between the published and unpublished state of  the event: event-publishing-toggle-published.jpg
2. A pop-out window will appear (note, the list of pages that are being published), and click the button "Yes, Make My Event Live": Publish_event.png

Please Note: when the event is unpublished, there is a persistent notification at the top of the page stating, "This event is not published yet. This site is not visible to attendees":



Publish or Unpublish Individual Pages

Each page has a drop-down where you can set the page status.  Click the drop-down in the bottom right of a page to change its status. NOTE: By default, all pages are in Draft status.




The available statuses are slightly different depending on whether the Event is published or not.


Event Publication Status

Page Options



  • Draft pages are not live, even though the event is live.
  • Published pages are live and can be accessed by anyone who is logged into the event.




  • Draft pages are not live. Whenever the event is published, they will remain as drafts (not live).
  • Ready to Publish pages are not live. Whenever the event is published, it will automatically become Published.


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