Best Practices for Submitting Support Tickets

Sometimes you might need to submit a support ticket. Whether it's a "how-to" question, or you are encountering something that just doesn't look right, the Solutions Support team can help.

Just use our ticket form.

When submitting a support ticket, there are some key pieces of information that can help us resolve your question faster. 

1) Include the event URL

2) Include as much information as possible about your question or issue. For example:

  • Is this happening to a specific user? If so, which user?
  • Which page is this happening on?
  • Which browser are you using?
  • Describe the issue in as much detail as possible

3) Include screenshots.

4) If you are encountering a bug, or strange behavior, consider sending us a copy of your console logs. For more information, please see this article.

5) Submit one ticket per question or technical issue. This helps us to focus our communication, and provide the best level of service.

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