Capturing Error Details

Like all web platforms, you may encounter an occasional error when using Event Cloud. Thankfully our support team is here to help diagnose and fix these issues. Let's go through a couple of items to include in your ticket to help us resolve things as quickly as possible.

Please note: it is important to navigate back to the page that is not functioning as expected when providing support with the error details collected in your console log. 

Saving the Console Log

This is the piece that can help us the most when it comes to tracking errors down. The following instructions will work in either Chrome or Edge browsers.

  1. Do not refresh or browse away from the page with the error.
  2. Open the console window based on your operating system:
      • Windows: Press Ctrl+Shift+J
      • Mac: Press Command+Option+J
  3. Right-click anywhere in the console log area and select the "Save As..." option.
  4. Save the log text file and attach it to your support request.




Saving the Console Log on a Mac

1. Navigate to the Safari toolbar

2. Click on Preferences and navigate to the "Advanced" tab

3. Make sure enable Developer menu is checked


4. Select Develop in the Safari toolbar

5. Choose Show Web Inspector

6. Choose the "Console" tab


7. Navigate to the page the error is occurring on

8. Click into the text of the console log, and use CMD+A to select all of the text. Now right-click, and choose "Save Selected". This will save a text file for you to send to support.


Saving the Network Log

This is very similar to the above steps, these instructions will assume that you have the console window open.

  1. Click on the tab labeled "Network"
  2. Reload the page via Ctrl+R
  3. Once the page finishes loading, right-click and select "Save all as HAR with content"
  4. Save the file and attach it to your support request



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