Sponsor & Expo: Virtual Sponsor Traffic Tableau Report


The 'Virtual Sponsor Traffic' report displays sponsor page views and sponsors favorited, as well as more detailed information about how attendees interacted with sponsor pages.



This report has several sections, each with information about your sponsor traffic:

Sponsor directory page views: The number of times the Sponsor/Exhibitor main page/lobby was viewed in Schedule Builder. Note that the same user could be counted multiple times, as this counts the number of times the lobby page was viewed, not unique users.

Sponsor detail pages viewed: This table includes a row for each sponsor, by name, and then details such as:

  • Favorited: Number of users who clicked the star to mark this sponsor page as a favorite.
  • Total Chats/Unique Users Chatting: The number of chats and the unique users chatting on that sponsor’s page.
  • Page View Count: The number of page views for each individual sponsor pages. As above, as this counts the number of times the sponsor’s page was viewed, not unique users.

Videos Played: The number of times the welcome video on a sponsor page has been played for each sponsor, with a grand total at the top.

Social Links Clicked: The number of times social links have been clicked on sponsor pages.

Live Meeting Room Visits: The number of times the "Join Live Meeting Room" button has been clicked on a sponsor page.

Sponsor Resource Downloads: The number of times any user clicked to initiate a download of any resources or videos posted on the Sponsor page. Note that the same user could be counted multiple times, this doesn’t count unique users.


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