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Reporting is a powerful tool and as expected, Admins have access to some detailed reports that include information on users, sessions, evaluations, resources, and more!

In order to view reports we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled. 

To start off, head to the Admin Portal then click Reports > New Reports. From there we are interested in Admin and Attendee Engagement reports.


Admin reports


Attendee Engagement reports



Here is a list of the Admin reports:

  • Chat Details
  • Daily Logins
  • Email merge fields
  • Virtual Event Overview
  • Virtual Session Overview
  • Virtual Session Visit Detail
  • Virtual Sponsor Attendee Lead Details
  • Virtual Sponsor Traffic
  • Virtual Sponsor Visit Detail
  • Unaccepted Invites


Report UI

These interactions are consistent across all reports, so no matter which one you are looking at, these concepts will remain the same.


In the upper left area of the report, there will be control buttons that look like this:


Undo/Redo undoes or redoes the most recent action.

Revert resets the report to the default state, which is how it looks when initially displayed.

Refresh fetches the data again and reloads the report with the most current information.

Pause will stop pretty much anything going on, including the fetching of new data if it's in progress.


In the upper right area of the report, there will be a View button and a Download button.


Clicking Download will enable you to download the report in various formats.


NOTE: If any options are grayed out, click Cancel, then click anywhere in the report and click Download again. Afterward, they should be available.

Clicking View will open up a window that lets you save the current filters as a "view" or select any existing saved views, as well as change the default view for this report.



Chat Details

The Chat Details report displays chat transcripts for each session and/or sponsor, as well as information for every user who participated. When the report is opened it looks like this.


The report also displays Total Event Posts and the Total Unique Users Posting. Total Event Posts is the total number of posts made across the entire event site and Total Unique Users Posting is the total number of unique users that have posted to a chat, whether it is on a session page or a booth.

Please note: Session and Sponsor Booth chats are separate from Attendee to Attendee (A2A) chats.


Daily Logins

Daily logins keep track of how many users logged in each day, as well as information about each user. Total logins per day are also represented with a line graph. The dots can be clicked on to filter by any particular day.



Email Merge Fields

The email merge fields report shows all of the possible merge fields which are used to send personalized information to users in Event Cloud from a variety of e-mail tools.



Virtual Event Overview

This report shows a few different kinds of information:

  • Page view counts for every page type, user, and sponsor
  • Total # of sessions added to schedules
  • # of unique attendee logins vs total # of attendees registered
  • # of event surveys completed
  • # of meetings scheduled
  • # of videos published



Virtual Session Overview

This report is similar to the Virtual Event Overview report, but focuses on Sessions. Information contained includes:

  • Session details page view counts for each session and a total across all sessions
  • # of evaluations submitted
  • # of session resources downloaded
  • Total videos published across all sessions
  • # of times each session has been added to schedule
  • # of times each speaker profile has been viewed
  • # of times each filter has been used to find a session
  • # of times each word has been used to search for a session



Virtual Session Visit Detail

The Virtual Session Visit Detail report shows details for each session including which attendees visited them and when. Some information that can be gleaned is:

  • Times attendee viewed the session
  • Attendee ID, User name, email, company, roles, company, title, user ID
  • Session Title, type, ID, code, track, first visit date & last visit date, # of times visited



Virtual Sponsor Attendee Lead Details

The Virtual Sponsor Attendee Lead Details report shows users that visited a sponsor page then clicked the "Email me more information" button.


Here's an example of what the "email me more information" button looks like



Virtual Sponsor Traffic

This report shows information about interactions with sponsor pages:

  • # of sponsor directory page views (page where all sponsors are listed in schedule builder)
  • # of page views for individual sponsor pages
  • Times a sponsor page was favorited (Which is done by clicking the star in the upper right corner of a sponsor booth, or the logo from the sponsor directory page)
  • Total chats and number of unique users chatting for each sponsor page
  • # of times the welcome video on a sponsor page has been played for each sponsor, with a total at the top
  • # of times social links have been clicked on sponsor pages
  • # of "live meeting room visits," which is the number of times the "Join Live Meeting Room" button has been clicked on a sponsor page
  • # of sponsor resource downloads



Virtual Sponsor Visit Detail

 The Sponsor Visit Detail report is similar to Virtual Sponsor Traffic but has information about the attendees who visited the sponsor booth rather than their interactions with it. Such as:

  • Attendee Name, User ID, Attendee ID, Email Address, Company, Title, Roles and the number of times they viewed the sponsor booth.



Unaccepted Invites

Please refer to our article on this report.

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