Tableau Reports Navigation

This document outlines the basic navigation features of the Event Cloud Reports.
In order to view reports we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled.


Viewing Reports

Administrators can view all reports, but users with other roles will only be able to view the reports and data that they have permissions to access. For example, a speaker can access the evaluation details report but only the sessions they are associated to.



In a report with a data table, the data is grouped with a hierarchy that goes from the left to the right. Columns can be sorted alphabetically according to the group they are in on the left side of the screen. For instance, in the screenshot below, the merge field names associated to “Custom Profile Field” merge field type can be sorted alphabetically but will stay grouped by the merge field type.



Undo/Redo, Revert, Refresh, and Pause

  • Undo/Redo any changes you have made to the filtering
  • Revert to the original view. For example, click this button if you made some changes to the report and want to revert to the original
  • Refresh loads the most current data in the report view
  • Pause prevents the data from refreshing while the report is open


Filter a report

Filtering can either be done by choosing the dropdown filtering found on the right or by clicking on a field and choosing to either “Keep Only” or “Exclude”. Whatever the contents of that field are the report will be filtered to in that column.



Filter by Field

You can click any field name to filter the report by that location. Select Keep Only to filter the data so the report only shows that value for the data or select Exclude filter the data so the report shows data that has any value except that value.



Save how a report is filtered as a custom view

Any user can change how a report is filtered and save the modified report as a custom view. This view can only be accessed by the user that created the view, and it appears in the My Reports section (Main Menu > Reports > New Reports > My Reports).


  1. Change how a report is filtered. For example, filter the Session Attendance Counts report to only include specific sessions.
  2. Click View: Original.
  3. Enter a name for your custom view.
  4. Check Make it my default if this view should be your default view of this report.
  5. Click Save.



Download a Report

Click Download to download a report. If the report has been filtered, the data that is downloaded will also be filtered. If there is more than one visual for the report, whatever visual is clicked on will be what is downloaded.


  • Crosstab - The most useful and commonly downloaded. It is a .csv file that can be saved as an Excel file so that you can manipulate the data
  • Tableau Workbook - Not useful because the data is not accessible outside of the Event Cloud site

Adding Hidden Fields


If there is a plus next to a column header, clicking on it will add hidden fields. Only 16 fields can be shown at once so if a field is “unhidden”, it may cause the first couple of fields to merge together. The field can be re-hidden by clicking the minus button next to.


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