Who can see which reports?

Users in the Event Cloud system have access to different reports based on their roles in the system. Here are the specific reports that are available to users in Event Cloud, based on their role.

In order to view reports we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with cross-site cookie tracking enabled. 

A user with the ADMIN role can see these 4 admin reports, and also has access to all of and more powerful versions of other roles' reports:

A user with only the EXPO (Sponsor) role only can see these 3 reports:

  • Individual Sponsor Overview
  • Meeting details for Sponsor Staff
  • Sponsor resource download details

A user with only the SPEAKER role only can see these 3 reports, and the scope is limited to sessions that the speaker owns:

  • Session evaluation details
  • Session evaluation summary
  • Resources

A user with only the SESSION/TRACK OWNER role can only see these 6 reports and the scope is limited to sessions that the user owns:

  • Event Session Details
  • Resources
  • Sessions Grid Report (Just Session Owner)
  • Speaker details
  • Speaker Track Report
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