Virtual Event Reporting "Greatest Hits"

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There are so many reports with so much information, so as an Event Admin, where should you get started?  This list has you covered. Think of it as the "Greatest Hits" of reports, the ones you'll probably come back to again and again... 

  • Virtual Session Attendance Details: This report tells you who went to which session. It's useful to get an idea of who was attending each session -- not just the people who put it on their calendar (yes, there's a report for that as well) but the people who actually showed up for the session!
  • Virtual Sponsor Visit Detail: Who visited your sponsors? Get the scoop on every single attendee who visited each sponsor, including their roles within Event Cloud, and how many times they visited the sponsor's page.
  • Meetings Dashboard: See all the meetings that occurred during your event, including the type of meeting, who attended it, and the location.
  • Chat Transcripts: Learn what people were talking about on session and sponsor pages. This report is especially useful after the event wraps up, to get a big-picture view of the conversation that went on throughout your event.

It's useful to remember that some reports are most useful before your event, during the planning process. Others are more useful during and after the event, and some reports are especially useful post-event. See the help article on Best Reports Before/During/After your event to learn more. 

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