Meeting Locations Guide

Meeting Locations are used by attendees to schedule one-on-one or group meetings with each other at the conference. In Event Cloud, Meeting Locations work similarly to Session Locations, but allow for deeper customization; a key difference is that Meeting Locations allow you to enter areas within a location (for example, a series of tables for meetings within a larger space).

Creating a Meeting Room

1. From the Admin portal, click on Locations. mceclip0.png
2. Click on Add Meeting Location. mceclip1.png
3. From here, fill out all necessary information about the Meeting Location. The location's address could be as broad as the venue name, or as specific as a floor or geographical area.

NOTE: For a virtual meeting room put the meeting link in the Location Name field so it will be clickable for attendees. 

4. If you're expecting multiple areas within your meeting location, click Yes under "Areas Within Location." These areas can be added as individual Availability Groups, which are broad time frames during which your areas will be available for meetings. Please note Location areas are for physical in-person meetings and might include tables, rooms, etc.  mceclip3.png

5. For each group, you're required to enter a Start/End Date, Daily Start/End Time, Area Name, and Capacity. You should prepare your Start/End dates to reflect the actual days/times during which your event will take place.


In the example here, the Meeting Location has a single availability group for Oct 30, 2020 between 10:00am and 4:00pm. During this time, three tables with different capacities will be available for meetings to be scheduled. You may add as many Availability Groups and Areas as you need.

6. Click Save when you're finished. mceclip2.png

Under certain conditions, the ‘Session Join Online URL Text’ setting will populate as the text for meeting locations in the My Schedule and meeting confirmation pages. This setting is found in event options. Please visit this article to learn more: How to Utilize the Join Online URL Button


Editing a Meeting Room

1. From the Admin portal, click on Locations. mceclip0.png
2. Click on All Locations. mceclip3.png
3. Here you'll notice all the Locations for your event. The Location Type column will show you whether the individual Locations are for Meetings or Sessions. Find the Meeting Location you wish to edit and click on its Location Name. mceclip4.png
4. From here, make all necessary changes and click Save when you're finished. mceclip5.png

NOTE: After you have created your meeting location, please ensure you have added it to your meeting type so it can be utilized with that meeting type. For more info on meeting types please see the following article: Add a Meeting Type 

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