Configure Event Settings for Meetings

As you're getting your site ready for Meetings, there are a few Event settings that need to be configured in order to make the most of the Meetings functionality.

Configuring Event Options for Meetings

1. From the Admin portal, click on Event. ClickEvent.png
2. Click on Setup Properties. ClickSetUpProperties.png
3. Click on the Event Options tab. mceclip5.png
4. Click the Edit button in the top, right corner. mceclip3.png

5. Scroll down to the Calendar Items area and review the Disable calendar items for meetings through the API setting.

NOTE: If this box is unchecked, the system will email calendar invites to the user when a meeting is booked. If checked, the system will not send calendar invites, which means users will need to log in to the site to view their meeting schedule.


6. Next, take a look at the Schedule Builder area below and review the following settings:

  • Disable Community: community is a feature that Event Cloud offers. Since the Meetings module depends on the Community functionality, this setting should be unchecked.
  • Attendee Profile Disabled: since you most likely want this setting to appear in the user's profile, this setting should be unchecked.
  • Attendee Search Disabled: this setting enabled Attendees to be able to search for other Attendees when using the Meetings module. Since this is required for users to be able to book meetings with others, this setting should be unchecked.
  • Meetings Disabled: this setting turns the Meetings module on/off in the site. This setting should be unchecked.
  • Sessions Disabled: this will remove the Sessions page from the Schedule Builder
7. If any changes have been made on the Event Options page, make sure you hit the Save button when you're done. mceclip6.png

Finally, please note that in order for an attendee to show as available for meetings to other attendees, they must have both the "Show my profile in the community" and "Allow other people to request meetings with me" options checked in their profile privacy settings.

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