Setting up Meeting Invite Templates and Using Merge Fields

When setting up meeting types for your conference, you must set up a meeting invite template in order for attendees to receive meeting invitations. For more information on setting up meeting types, please see this article.

In your meeting invite template, you can utilize merge fields to pull personalized information into your meeting invite. In an email sent from Event Cloud, things like {{FirstName}} and {{LastName}} can be used which would find the recipient's first and last name fields from their profile, and replace {{FirstName}} and {{LastName}} with them. For example, take a look at the email pictured below:


This results in the following email for a recipient with the first name "Jamie":


Setting Up Meeting Invite Templates

The following is a default invite template we recommend to plug in when setting up your meeting types that include common merge fields.

Please Note: We do not recommend copying and pasting the below template from a document editor such as word, it will likely add in additional formatting which can cause your merge fields to become non-functional.

 You have been invited to meet with {{Requestor.First_Name}} {{Requestor.Last_Name}} from {{Requestor.Company}} 

Confirm your attendance by either declining or accepting this meeting request.

Meeting Title:



{{Meeting.Meeting_Date}} {{Meeting.Start_Time}} to {{Meeting.End_Time}} {{Event.Time_Zone}}




 Meeting Attendees:


Additional Details:


This is an automated email. Please do not reply or forward this message.

Please note that if you want to merge in custom questions set up in your meeting type, the merge field to use is {{Meeting.Questions}}

For additional meeting merge fields, please refer to this article.

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