Best Practices For Naming Conventions on Virtual Meeting Rooms

For a virtual meeting room, it is a best practice to put the meeting link in the Location Name field so it will be a clickable link for attendees when they receive meeting invites. A best practice for naming locations is: "Location Name - <insert link here>"

For example Meeting Room 1-

In the above example, we have named our room "Meeting Room 1" and put our Zoom link in after.

The link to the location's address can be the Zoom field, and the description can be anything to help you identify the meeting location. Only admins see the "Link to location's address" and "Location Description" fields.


For virtual meeting location's it is NOT recommended to use the "Areas Within Location" feature. You should select "No."

Now hit save.

After saving your location, you must enter a Start/End Date, Daily Start/End Time, and Capacity for your meeting location.

The location capacity refers to how many users can be invited to a specific meeting location.

The start date should be the first date this location can be used to book meetings. The end date is the last day the meeting location should be available. The daily start time and daily end time are the times at which meetings may begin and end for each day within this period.


Please note that you must set up start and end dates, as well as start and end times for locations to be available for meetings. You may set up multiple availability groups if you prefer by selecting the "Add Time Selection" button as shown below.


Click Save when you're finished.

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