Custom Roles with Meetings

Meetings in Event Cloud are controlled by Custom Roles. They limit access to certain Meeting Types for users and are required for scheduling and attending meetings. As an Admin, you can configure the meetings in your event to be visible to users with a specific Custom Role. This restriction can be placed on the Meeting Type, which means certain users are limited to viewing specific meetings.

You will first need to create Custom Roles. For information on creating Custom Roles in Event Cloud, please visit the following helpdesk article: User Roles in Event Cloud

Custom Roles with Meeting Types

1. Navigate to the Admin module  
2. Select the Meetings Tab: meeetingstab.png
3. Select Meeting Types: clickmeetingtypes.png
4. Create a new Meeting Type by selecting the "Create a Meeting Type" button or edit an existing Meeting Type by clicking on the Meeting Type name:



5. Custom Roles can be added under the Role Requirements section.

In this area, you may grant access or restrict roles from being able to attend/view this meeting type.


There are 2 required fields:

  • Who can schedule this meeting? -- The selected custom role will have permission to schedule the meeting.
  • Roles required to attend this meeting -- Users with this custom role are able to attend the meeting.

And other optional fields:

  • Additional roles allowed but not required to attend this meeting -- Custom roles selected in this field can attend the meeting but are not required to attend.
  • Allow invites to external users through the following roles -- Custom roles will be able to send invites to external users (users that are not in Event Cloud).
  • Staffing Leads required to approve this meeting -- Staffing lead(s) that are added to this field are required to approve meeting requests.
  • Roles allowed to have meeting conflicts -- Custom roles selected in this field can have more than one meeting at the same time on their schedule.

If the questions do not apply, leave them blank.


6. Select as many Custom Roles as you'd like by using the search feature. whocanschedule.png
7. Finish Editing your meeting then click the "Finish" button: clickfinish.png

The users with the required custom roles in your meeting type will now be able to view the meeting and utilize it depending on your settings.

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