Workgroup Import Guide

In our help center article on Adding a Workgroup, we discussed the ins and outs of adding individual workgroups to your event site. However, as your event starts ramping up, you may find yourself needing to add dozens (or even hundreds) of workgroups. Rather than adding them one at a time, you can bulk add workgroups by importing a spreadsheet.

Creating the Spreadsheet

To import workgroups, you'll need to fill out a .xlsx or .csv file with all your workgroup data and import it to your event site. Event Cloud offers a free template, and we recommend you use it! You'll find it at the bottom of this article.

In order for the import to be successful, you're required to add some fields as headers along the first row (row 1) of your spreadsheet. For workgroups, please include the following fields:

Name Description Color StaffersCapacity LocationsCount
 Workgroup 1 Example description  #ff0000 5 2

A few things to keep in mind before importing:

  • Please include the headers (first row) in the spreadsheet before you import it.
  • Color is an optional field, but if you do enter a color value, it'll need to be entered in an accepted hex color format (i.e. #ff0000).
  • StaffersCapacity and LocationsCount refer to the maximum number of staffers and locations (respectively) that can be tied to the workgroup. Each must be a number of 0 or greater.
  • The uploaded file cannot exceed 1000 rows. If you need to import more than 1000 rows for either Sessions or Meetings, please break the import into multiple files.
  • Your file must be in either .xlsx or .csv format.

Importing the Spreadsheet

1. Navigate to the Staffing module   
2. Click on Workgroup Setup mceclip0.png
3. Next select Import Workgroups mceclip1.png
4. On the next page, click on Start New Import (upper right corner) mceclip0.png
5. Under Choose Data Type, select "Workgroup". After you review the instructions that populate at the top of the page, click the "Drop a file or click to upload button" to locate your spreadsheet mceclip1.png
6. After you've uploaded your spreadsheet, click Next in the upper right corner mceclip3.png
7. For the next step, you're required to map your file fields to their respective Event Cloud fields. This is a crucial step in the import process, so make sure you map your fields correctly! Map your fields until all of them indicate a green checkmark. 

Note: if your file's headers are exactly as they're written in this article, your fields should map automatically.

8. When you're done, click the Next button to proceed mceclip3.png
9. On the last step, please review your import. Any errors with your data will be detected at this step; if there are any errors, please edit and re-upload your spreadsheet confirm_workgroup_import.PNG
10. Once everything is looking good to go, click the Import button in the top right corner to complete your import! mceclip3.png
11. Lastly, you'll be prompted to confirm your import import_workgroups_confirm.PNG
12. Once you hit OK, you're all done! workgroup_import_success.PNG

Now that you're finished importing your workgroups, you can now import your staffing locations. To learn more, visit our help center article on Adding a Staffing Location or Staffing Location Import Guide.

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