Adding a Workgroup

Workgroups are used to manage assigned groups of staffers and their locations. Once you create your users that have Staffer or Staffing Lead roles, the next step is to add a workgroup.

As a reminder: Staffers are users who are scheduled to work during your event, whereas Staffing Leads are users who schedule and manage a group of Staffers.

Note: if you'd like to import multiple workgroups at once, check out our Workgroup Import Guide.

1. Access the Staffing portal by clicking on the dropdown menu arrow and clicking Staffing. 1.png
2. Click on Workgroup Setup:  ClickWorkgroupSetup.png
3. Click Add Workgroup:  ClickAddWorkgroup.png

4. Give the workgroup a Name (the only required field) and fill out all available fields.

  • The description is optional but recommended.
  • You can select a Color associated with the meeting in this workgroup.
  • The number of Staffers refers to the staffer capacity of the booth.
  • The number of Staffing Locations refers to smaller kiosks located inside of the booths.


5. Add/Remove Staffing Leads and Staffers to your workgroup by clicking the "+" or "-" symbol:  5.png
6. Click the green Create button when you're finished. ClickCreate.png

Once your workgroup is created, you can start adding shifts.

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