Adding a Staffing Location

Staffing locations tell your staff exactly where they need to be. Once you add shifts, you can assign your staff to specific locations at specific times.

Note: if you'd like to import multiple staffing locations at once, please visit our Staffing Location Import Guide.

1. Navigate to the Staffing portal: 



2. Click on Workgroup Setup: Click_WorkgroupSetup.png
3. Select, Add Staffing Location: ClickAddStaffingLocation.png
4. Name your staffing location. You'll also need to select a Workgroup with which the location is associated. Next, enter the number of Staffers Per Shift. This includes any attendees and should be more than 1. You can also add Areas within the staffing location (optional).

If you've added Custom Staffing Location Fields, they will appear below the above standard fields. 



Best Practices for Naming Staffing Locations for Virtual Events and Expert Meetings

When naming your staffing locations for virtual meetings, we find that the following format is most useful as a naming convention.

Name of Location or Expert - Virtual Meeting Link Here

An example of this can be seen below:

"John Example-"

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