Adding Staffing Shifts

Once you add a workgroup (and all staffers have been assigned to at least one workgroup), you can start adding staffing shifts.

1. Navigate to the Staffing Portal: 1.png
2. Click on Scheduling: ClickScheduling.png
3. Next, click on Shift Schedule:  ClickShiftSchedule.png
4. From here, you can view the Users, Locations, and Activities of your event. From the User view, find the name of the staffer you wish to schedule. Next, hover your mouse over the date and time you wish to schedule a shift, then click the add (+) symbol: 4.png
5. Fill in the Shift data in the window on the right-hand side of the screen. When you're finished, click the Save icon in the same window: 5.png

Repeat this process for as many shifts as needed. Next, you can add a staffing location.

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